When The Lights Go Out

Pre Game Thoughts

Just Becuase

So, this is starting today.

The campaign is going to be beginning with the group assembling before the Governor of Schollen and a High Priest of Pelor stationed in Schollen. They are being sent on an assignment that must be kept quiet, so as to not cause a panic, should the worst come to pass. It seems that the Priest has felt his connection to his god diminish and worries that an ancient prophecy is coming to pass. Should it come true, then the world will become a barren, inhospitable place with no natural light, and humans, currently the race in power, will lose their grip on the world to the likes of dwarves and orcs, who can see in the dark. For this reason, the Governor & the Priest are sending parties out to find a place where the city can relocate to should this prophecy come true.

There are some requirements that make this a difficult task, and the party is but one of several being sent to a nearby mountain to scout for ancient ruins that might indicate a dwarven settlement was once there, or for a passage to the Underdark, as underground seems to be the best place to hide when the surface freezes and every light you have potentially betrays your location to an enemy.

In terms of crunch, the party is starting out at the respectable level of 7, the campaign is Gestalt, and races with Darkvision are being disallowed. Worshipping Pelor is allowed, though not suggested for divine casting classes that derive power from deities. No books are being disallowed. Should be interesting.



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