When The Lights Go Out

Session 1

In Which Sarcasm Flows Freely

After a time of character building, we began. The party ended up consisting of a Gnome, a Halfling, a Half-Elemental and a Pseudodragon. The pseudodragon was stripped of its darkvision for the campaign, due to thematic concerns.


The party started in a meeting with the Governor and the High Priest of Pelor. They were being commissioned to find a place for the city to relocate to, should the prophecy come true. Talk of said prophecy was met with scoffing and sarcasm, and when the Priest mentioned that he wasn’t receiving spells reliably from Pelor, he was met with sarcasm about how he wasn’t a very good priest. This resulted in some raised eyebrows, but no real repercussions. There was some attempted negotiations at higher pay, which didn’t pan out very well, and a demand for horses and a carriage.

They received toy horses and a toy carriage. They were not pleased. Said Half-Elemental melted the toys with fire. They then proceeded outside to find a single horse and a cart, which they took to the nearby mountain instead of walking because they’re lazy buggers.

So, the proceeded to the mountain and after about an hour of climbing, they found a cave entrance with a dire bear eating a carcass inside. Said dire bear ignored them until they got too close to its meal, at which point it reacted in a hostile fashion. They slaughtered the bear and set its corpse on fire out of spite. They then proceeded deeper into the mountain, where they found themselves in a maze-like series of caverns and tunnels, with the occasional creature or swarm.

After deciding to always go right they circled through the caverns and eventually found themselves in a room with a homunculus tapping on a shield with a hammer. After trying to communicate with it without realizing that it can’t speak, they took the shield away from it, and it flew away. The Pseudodragon followed it until it reached a cavern with a troglodyte in it, then returned to the group.

They killed the troglodyte.

Eventually, their method of always taking rights led them to an exit that sloped steeply down further into the mountain, and in following it, they reached an enormous cavern — easily large enough to hold a city three times as large as Schollen, though it was only through walking around that they realized that, as their lights weren’t powerful enough to reach very far. On the bright side (heh), their lights did attract some attention, and a gargantuan Monstrous Centipede came out of the darkness to try to eat them. They killed it. And then yelled ‘Hello’, further attracting the attention of more monstrous centipedes — Two gargantuan and on colossal. Though it was difficult, they survived the encounter extremely wounded. After patching themselves up, they returned to the town and reported in. They received their pay, and went about town to spend it and waste some time.

Meanwhile, the sun was dimming slightly every day — not enough to notice yet, but in a few days…



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