When The Lights Go Out

Session 3

Less Sarcasm than before, and yet, more

Today a new player joined the group, playing the Magical Diagnostician Dr Mause. Three guesses who he’s based on. Anyway, the good Doctor is investigating the reason for the sun going out, and has little patience for the group’s shenanigans. Our friendly Pseudodragon introduces himself, and offers the services of the rest of the party for helping investigate. The Doctor sends the group to investigate a church of Wee Jas while he investigates a cult of Zarus. In the end, the cult is deemed to be strange yet uninvolved and his assistants are deemed to be morons. The doctor investigates a Church of Pelor and the Church of Wee Jas by himself, with the aid of the Pseudodragon. Towards the end of the evening, he is disappointed by the lack of leads and reports to the Governor, who informs him of another cult, this one of Vecna that meets nearby, which he promptly goes out to investigate. He finds nothing still.

The next day, the others continue to work in the caverns while the doctor and the pseudodragon go to the main Church of Pelor and get the HIgh Priest to summon a Planar Ally (Lesser) of Pelor for information. This results in learning that it’s likely an entity of the Far Realm doing the draining of all suns everywhere. They report to the Governor and proceed to the cavern to meet up with the others and do some exploring.



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