A decent sized city where Our Heroes reside, part of the country of Susil

Total Population : 16,146

Demographics :
83% Human
8% Half-Elf
3% Gnome
2% Elf
2% Halfling
2% Other

Government : The city of Schollen is led by a ‘hereditary’ Governor and a Council of Advisors.

Major Religions : As per the usual for the region // humanity, Pelor is the most widely worshipped deity in the city, though there are a number of smaller churches scattered throughout the city. Most notable are the churches of Wee Jas, Boccob & Heironeous. There is a minor cult of Zarus as well, though due to their beliefs they have no official presence in a city ruled by a half human.

Major Exports :
Finished Goods, Magic Items, Metals & Produce

Major Imports :
Fish, spices, luxury items, wood

History :
Schollen hasn’t had much of an impact on history. It developed from a popular resting site on a trade route into a village, then a town, then a minor city and finally, into a slightly large city. From then on, it was mostly smooth sailing for the landlocked city.

Schollen’s territory includes mostly agricultural land, though there are a number of mines near the main city as well. They have little in the way of forests, so they import most of their wood. There is a surprisingly large nearby mountain that stands alone in the plains and is rumored to be a dwelling place of monsters and dragons — maybe even dwarves(!), though no such creatures have been seen there in recent memory.

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