The campaign begins in a city-state by the name of Schollen. The player characters (Names), are local adventurers and heroes who have been commisioned by the Governor — a Half-Elf named Xavenas — to search out and find a safe place for the entire city to relocate to. The time of an ancient Draconic Prophecy is nigh, and the sun has begun to dim as was foretold. In all too short of a time, the light of the sun will disappear, leaving the world blanketed in eternal night and winter, and Pelor weakened, perhaps even dead. Naturally, with no natural darkvision, humanity and many of its allies cannot survive on the surface surrounded by predators and the remains of conquered races who would be seeking vengeance. As it is, the humans have been abandoned by the dwarves who have already retreated to their mountain citadels and barred the doors to all but their fellow dwarves, going so far as to evict those humans who had been living within.

Humanity, Elvenkind, Gnomes and Halflings have banded together, putting aside racial differences in the hopes of survival. Already, settlements have come under attack by Orcs, taking advantage of the shorter days, longer nights, and their ability to see in darkness. There are reports of Drow scouting parties coming up from the Underdark.

Our Heroes set out, with weeks, maybe a month or two before the sun goes out completely. The Governor has directed them towards a nearby mountain where a few Drow are rumored to have been seen. If a passage to the Underdark exists, or even a large enough cave/cavern complex, the people can relocate there.

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