Vigilia Noctis Aeternae

There are a number of Prophecies made by dragons in the early ages of the world. Many have been lost, corrupted or mistranslated, and as such, they are easily disregarded by the vast majority of the populace. The dragons, and a few other races know them to be immutable truths.

This specific prophecy, though mainly lost to time, addresses a time when the Sun goes out, leaving the Pelor dead or dying, his influence ended, and the people who depended upon him cut off from his power.

It speaks of a time when humans lose their dominance, and the races they had subjugated and taken advantage of rise up and seek their vengeance.

Most humans regard it as utter nonsense. Pelor is far to mighty to ever be laid low. And no one would dare to rebel against them. Obviously.

They’re wrong.

The sun has begun dimming, and the time of prophecy is at hand. How will our heroes survive?

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Vigilia Noctis Aeternae

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