When The Lights Go Out

Session 2

In Which Sarcasm Continues To Flow

This session started with the group spending a week on their various activities. The Gnome spent the week building and selling items, the Halfling spent it trying to recruit people to explore the Underdark, but found remarkably little in the way of interest. At the end of the week, the sun was noticeably dimmer, and the group, minus the Half-Elemental, whose player was switching characters, went to visit the Governor, believing that they were not indispensable and necessary to the continued existence of the city, to try to extort some money out of him. This went about as well as would be expected, given that the guy is the governor of a decent sized city, and has many other adventurers to draw upon and send out in missions for the city. He was quite sarcastic about it, and sent the group down to the Cavern to help with the exploring and illuminating. They decided that since they were down a man, they should recruit some extra help and picked up a Druid (Temporary Player).
So, off they went.
They met up with the commander of the expeditionary force, a Human named John. He gave them a bundle of Everburning Torches and sent them out to illuminate the cavern. While doing so, they came across a Tendriculos, and with some difficulty, managed to kill it. Proceeding to the end of their bundle of torches, the party encountered an Undead Dwarf, who greeted them jovially and engaged them in a discussion about what had happened to a few of his pets that he had been keeping in this cavern (the Monstrous Centipedes) The party hemmed and hawed for a bit, before denying all knowledge of them, at which point the Dwarf revealed that the homunculus had been his and he knew what had happened and was messing with them. At this point, they decided that the best course of action was to try to kill him, though the most keened eyed among them noticed that there were a couple of plate like things — maybe pies? — scattered around the area. They beat the Dwarf down, with his being amused and not really reacting other than throwing a few magical pies at the party members except for when he was low on health, at which point he broke a pie that exploded in a fireball, triggering another pie that healed him. This continued, the party beating him down, him triggering a fireball again, and healing up to full. The player of the Half-Elemental introduced his new character, a Warforged who introduced himself with a spear to the gut of the Dwarf. When the dwarf got too low in regards to health, he paused to talk to the group, saying that had amused him sufficiently that he would allow them to replace his pets that they had killed and would be keeping an eye on them. He then handed over a pie that they could use to heal their most injured member, as the Halfling had been grievously injured by a quartet of Bearded Devils that had been summoned by pies. The Dwarf then vanished, and the group went back to John to report the Dwarf’s presence and get some more torches. This is where we ended.



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