Humans are a proud and expansionist race that has come close to dominating most surface races. Some of the last holdouts are the dwarves, who aren’t really a surface race, and the orcs, who tend to live in lands almost too inhospitable to survive. The less common races such as Fey, Goliaths, and Goblins have avoided domination by being too isolated or too pitiful to conquer.

Humans tend to reproduce and spread faster than any other race, making many races secretly consider them a blight upon the land.

Humans tend to worship either Pelor or Zarus. Zarus tends to be worshipped in the central human lands, where there are essentially no other races, while Pelor’s worship is more widespread. The two religions mesh surprisingly well, and there are even some humans who have come to believe that Pelor is just an aspect of Zarus meant to attract worship from other races and deprive their own racial gods of power.

Humans, with their short lifespans and massive capacity for innovation and refusal to believe that the future is set in stone tend to disregard the draconic prophecies as superstitious gobbledegook.

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